Frequently Asked Questions

The on-line directory contains contact information about faculties, faculty members, staff, administrative departments, and University services.

The directory is split into two parts: white pages and yellow pages.

The white pages have the personal listings of faculty members and staff. The information is entered and maintained by department directory administrators. A typical entry contains name, title(s), department(s), location(s), contact phone(s) or/and and email(s):

        DOE, MARY  	Administrator    Room 123		 604-822-0000
                   	IT Services      BUCHANAN TOWER
                    	                 1873 EAST MALL
                     	                 VANCOUVER BC V6T 1Z1

The yellow pages offer department, faculty and service listings. The information is entered and maintained by department directory administrators. A typical entry contains the department name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, website, general contact information and jobs/services offered by the department.

        Faculty of Medicine
        VHHSC Campus - VHHSC/UBC Eye Care Centre
        2550 Willow St V5Z 3N9
        General Information----------------------------------822-1111
        Dept Fax---------------------------------------------822-2222
        Head Dr A Smith--------------------------------------822-3333
        Secretary Ms Bee Smith-------------------------------822-4444
        Dir Residency Dr Cay Smith---------------------------822-5555
        Secretary undergraduates Dee Smith-------------------822-6666
        Admin Clerk Eileen Smith-----------------------------822-7777

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Using a Web browser, connect to, select the "Faculty and Staff" link, then select "Faculty & Administrative Directory".

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To search the white pages, you can enter one or many fields. You can narrow the results by using all the fields (Search Using Exact Fields button) when the records must match all the criteria. You can have a wide number of records when any of the fields match the criteria (Search Using Any Field button). There are several fields you can use to search people:

  1. Name: enter the first and/or last name.: e.g. you are looking for Joe Smith - type: Joe and/or Smith. Five options give you different sets of results:
    • Quick Search option gives you matches that start with the keywords entered, e.g. by entering smith, Jack Smith will be returned, and John Blacksmith will be ignored.
    • Match all words option gives you matches that are found in any part of the first or last name. e.g. by entering K michael, Karl Carmichael and Michael Kam will be returned.
    • Any of the words option gives a wider set of results, e.g. by entering John Brown you get a large number of records like John Rupert and Brian Brown.
    • Exact phrase option limits the results to exact combination of first name and last name, or a matching to the display name. The display name is the way the person like to be called. e.g. Wesley Brown might call himself Wes Brown.
    • Sounds like option gives you the option to return results that sounds like the string you are typing. e.g. by entering John Brown, you get Jennifer Begin, Jane Barling and so on.
  2. Building: you only need to enter three characters to get a list of all building that match what you are typing. The more letters you type, the smaller the number of buildings listed. If you don't find the building you are searching for, leave the box blank. Only those buildings that are listed in the system will return results.
  3. Title: behaves the same way as the building box.
  4. Department: behaves the same way as the building box.
  5. Address: enter street name, street number or full address. It will search within building addresses.
  6. Campus
  7. Telephone/Fax number:
  8. Email address.
  9. Results per page: you can select how many records per page.

To search the yellow pages, enter any word or part of a word. All text and titles in the yellow pages can be searched, e.g. Special Education - type: edu or special or education or special ed

If you type 1 or 2 letters it will only retrieve words from the white pages that are exactly that long.

If you type 3 or 4 letters it will retrieve names/words starting with that combination of letters in the white and yellow pages.

If you type 5 or more letters it will retrieve names/words that start or contain that combination of letters somewhere in the word, in the white and yellow pages.

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Currently you cannot add, delete or update your own entry. You need to ask your department directory administrator to do these tasks for you.

To update your entry, look yourself up in the directory. At the top of the entry click "Request an update to this information" and complete the form. An email request will be sent to your department administrator. All information is verified by the directory administrator before being updated.

To delete your entry, look yourself up in the directory. At the top of the entry click "Request an update to this information," complete the form, and add a comment with your request and why you want to be deleted from the directory. An email request will be sent to your department administrator. All information is verified before being deleted from the directory.

To add yourself to the directory, please click on the "Add/Update yourcontact information" and click on the "complete list of Directoryadministrators" link to locate the contact information for your departmental directory administrator.If your department does not have a directory administrator, please email your request to

If you need help or are not getting a response from your administrator, please send a message to Please include your name, telephone, email, title and department to the request. All requests will be answered by email.

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To become a directory administrator, please have an Administrative Manager or Department Head send a message to indicating that he/she wish to have you as a departmental directory administrator. The request should include your first and last name, telephone, email, department name and CWL username.

It is possible to set up a departmental account not linked to one person specifically, however, a contact person would still be required for our information.

Directory administrators can add, update or delete white and yellow pages entries in the directory for their department. Detailed instructions are available in the "Help" screen of the update web page

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If you have been designated as your department's administrator for the UBC Faculty and Administrative Directory, you are authorized to review and update the information in the directory at any time. Your CWL username will be granted access for this purpose. If you do not remember your CWL username or password, please call Computer Accounts at 604-822-2441 for assistance.

The UBC Faculty and Administrative printed directory information will be taken from this database once a year. The cut-off date for updates for the next printed edition will be emailed to you three weeks prior. Any entries that are not updated will print as they appear in the online directory.

To access the Web-based directory database, please click on the Directory Administrators Login link on Faculty and Staff directory page. You will be prompted for your CWL username and password. Please note that access to the administrative functions of the Directory are restricted to those on the UBC network. If you are a directory administrator working on a machine that is not connected to the UBC Network, you will first need to establish a VPN connection. Instructions for connecting to myVPN can be found here:

If you require assistance with editing the online Directory, please contact the IT Service Centre at 604-822-2441

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The web pages have been tested for PC running Windows 98 and Mac running OS8, using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers version 4 or higher.

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The search page makes use of JavaScript which is turned on by default when a web browser is installed. If you have turned off JavaScript on purpose, please turn it on when using the UBC Directory.

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Please feel free to send any feedback, problems, questions or suggestions you have about this system to We would sincerely appreciate your input.

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If your record, or an employee within your department’s record, was entered into the UBC Directory without the assistance of one of the departments administrators, how did it get there? These records are created automatically via an integration with myAccount (CWL). If a new employee uses the myAccount application to create their CWL account, they will have a record automatically created for them in the UBC Directory.

Records that are created automatically within the UBC Directory are initially populated with basic information, such as First Name, Last Name, and Email Mailbox. If your department’s administrators have associated your HRMS department with the UBC Department, records created automatically will also have a department associated with them. All Directory records created automatically via myAccount will be hidden by default, so that the administrator can populate the remainder of the information before making the records visible to the public.

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After careful consideration, UBC IT has suspended UBC's on-line Student Directory service. The site had fallen into disuse and many of the listings were inaccurate. Further, UBC IT's email upgrade team recently flagged the directory as a potential contributor to unwanted email (spam) as several email harvesters were collecting addresses from the site.

UBC IT is currently reviewing alternatives to the service. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

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Dial 911 For Emergencies (Police, Fire or Ambulance)

In an emergency, dial 911 from any phone on any UBC campus for police, fire or ambulance response. A list of other emergency and non-emergency numbers for UBC's Vancouver and Okanagan campuses is also available.


Have comments about the directory? Please email us your feedback..

Terms of Use:

This online directory is the exclusive property of University of British Columbia. It may be used by the UBC community and the general public to search for the contact information of UBC personnel. Any unauthorized use of this information, including its compilation and redistribution, and bulk email activity (spam) is strictly prohibited.

Add / Update Your Contact Information - The information in the directory has been prepared from the best information obtainable; UBC does not assume responsibility for omissions, errors, or subsequent changes to this information.